"ALEX KRIUKOVíS GLAM HALL" - it is a new stage in development of musical life of the capital. The idea of creation of this institution belongs to October, 2011. Initially the club reflected as a public place for fans of rock and the classical blues, rockabilly, acoustic music, people of different age. And it turned out, exactly in year, an institution opens the doors for admirers of these directions of music and also musicians. This is the first concert institution, which specializes on rockabilly, classical rock and acoustic music. Besides traditional blues jams, rockabilly shows and acoustic live concerts, thematic events and grandiose parties, concerts of young performers and groups, within which we please the friends of our institution with pleasant surprises and bonuses, are regularly held! The Interior of the concert hall is made in the style of 60 's getting into it, each guest breathes the atmosphere of those times, and the presence of the "hidden" parts of an excellent environment creates a romantic evening. The concert hall is equipped with premium equipment from leading manufacturers to make high-quality live sound hearing.
Club Management and the organizers of the concerts have paid particular attention to the security activities and the guests feel comfortable and secure. We wellcome good visitors, a good visitor visitor is a future permanent guest! Let the melancholic tone instantly change into a surge of happiness of bright colours-leather jackets, 60 's hairstyles, beautiful music.

"ALEX KRIUKOVíS GLAM HALL" welcomes everyone who wants to relax after working days in the style of rockabilly, the magic world of jazz and blues, and classic rock, big names and bright shows, concerts of acoustic music from the best Russian and foreign artists.





Our security service has the right to refuse any guest to visit our institution without explanation, regardless of social status and proximity to the customer, and persons under the influence of a toxic, alcohol or drugs, aggressively leading themselves towards other guests and the staff of our establishment. Banned from carrying any kind of weapons in, piercing and cutting items and alcohol, as well as professional photo and video equipment. Also prohibited without written permission (accreditation) from the leadership of our establishment to take pictures and collect information at our performances.

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