Address: Russia. Moscow, B. Filevskaya St., 18, p. 7
Tel: +7495 50-45-999. 111

Monday – Saturday: 12:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Concert management

Arkadiy Abramov

Tel: +7 495 50-45-999. 112

Cooperation with mass media

Ivan Shestakov

Tel: +7 495 50-45-999. 116

Dear musicians!

Please, understand that we will select only the professional teams that fit the format of our establishment and not take all in a row. All the talks about your concert activity in our institution prior to the approval of our leadership, are exclusively pen pal with our art group.

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Our security service has the right to refuse any guest to visit our institution without explanation, regardless of social status and proximity to the customer, and persons under the influence of a toxic, alcohol or drugs, aggressively leading themselves towards other guests and the staff of our establishment. Banned from carrying any kind of weapons in, piercing and cutting items and alcohol, as well as professional photo and video equipment. Also prohibited without written permission (accreditation) from the leadership of our establishment to take pictures and collect information at our performances.

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